DC Jay Pearson (Daniella Nardini) is part of the team tracking an elusive serial rapist. Against the backdrop of a fractured relationship with her sister Ali (Sarah Parish) she helps lead the investigation toward a prime suspect and as the net tightens and questions become answered, motives wrought with obsession and the overwhelming consequences of revenge, start to reveal themselves. That the prime suspect turns out to be Jay’s sister’s boyfriend (Greg Wise) is complicated. That Jay is having a secret affair with him, makes it more complicated still.

Taking place during a sultry London summer ‘Sirens’ examines themes of revenge, obsession and sibling rivalry that conclude in a terrifying Hitchcockian climax.



“Oh wow, this is good !” Evening Standard

“It grips right from the start, effortlessly watchable and exciting” Radio Times

“A gloriously steamy retro atmosphere, the plot twists feverishly, Robert Glennister’s superb” The Times

“It was absolutely brilliant. This was superior television, brilliantly written, wonderfully acted and really tense.” Daily Express

“Truly compelling drama, top performances all round, just watch it.” Sunday Mirror


  • Daniella Nardini
  • Sarah Parish
  • Greg Wise
  • Robert Glennister

Written by: Chris Lang

Directed by: Nick Laughland

Produced by: Margaret Mitchell

Associate producer: Chris Lang

Executive producers: Kumari Salgado and Judy Counihan

Production Company: Scottish Media Group