Praise for Unforgotten Season Two

‘…the detective drama of the decade.’

‘Perfectly realised…beguiling, nasty, utterly credible as life in Britain today.’
The Observer

‘It was done with incredible dexterity and imagination…I like so much about “Unforgotten”‘.
The Guardian

‘…impressive tension and intrigue…it cleverly promises revelation and resolution every step of the way.’
Sunday Times

‘Clever, dark, and totally gripping.’
The Sun

‘Smart pacey writing from Chris Lang and brilliant performances from an all star cast’
Daily Mirror

‘…the most gripping British drama currently on our telly’
The Star

‘This is crime drama of the highest class’.
Guardian online

‘One of the highlights of the year…truly sensational performances….a typically stunning finale.’
TV Times

‘This is proper thought through writing in which character, plot and meaning are all in play’
The Times

‘What a welcome return for Chris Lang’s thoroughly absorbing crime drama.’
Radio Times

‘An exhilarating mental workout…this show requires effort, but it rewards us for it …brilliantly written and acted.’
Daily Mail