Critical acclaim for “Unforgotten”

‘A beautifully weighted tale of betrayal and lies, Nicola Walker is outstanding. Highly recommended.’

‘As fine a cop show as I’ve ever come across’
Daily Express

‘It’s quite superb.’
Guardian Online

‘The unfailingly stylish Unforgotten… uniformly compelling.’
Financial Times

‘Chris Lang’s understated masterly drama. I watched the first two rapt and absorbed. Nicola Walker is just brilliant. It’s such a great story, a pantheon of terrific actors.’
Radio Times

‘Nicola Walker is absolutely terrific, it was amazing.’
BBC Front Row

‘Utterly brilliant and dramatic… Nicola Walker is outstanding… unmissable.’
TV Times

‘Recalls the best Scandi-noir. The sombre mood and mounting tension rivet your attention and never let go… a brilliant cast. Stylish, intelligent, masterly.’
Financial Times

‘One of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time.’
Radio Times

‘The first episode made an indelible mark, it’s extremely good storytelling, carefully paced, beautifully acted, a reminder how good TV crime drama can be.’
Daily Express

‘One of ITV’s best crime dramas…a stroke of genius…TV Gold’
Sunday Express

‘It takes actors of this power to do justice to the depth of the story..superb…next weeks climax will be unmissable’
Daily Mail

‘What a distinguished piece of work “Unforgotten” has been.’
The Times

‘Exceptionally intriguing, utterly riveting. A brilliant format… outstanding and original.’
Daily Mail

‘Superb…just remember to breathe’
Sunday Mirror

‘I would like to declare this the year of Nicola Walker, she is the beating heart of this superlative crime series, her subtle performance anchoring an increasingly complex web of lies.’

‘Much has been made of this detective drama’s heavy weight cast but Chris Lang’s multi layered script is pretty impressive too.’
Saturday Telegraph

‘Outstanding drama…the performances have been brilliant throughout’
The Guardian

‘Oh – it’s really good.’
The Star

‘Top class acting and a series of twists lift this classy taut thriller above the raft of other crime procedurals. If you’ve been craving a big autumn whodunit look no further than this offering from writer Chris Lang who was behind last years brilliant Undeniable. Criminally good.’
The Sun

‘This brilliantly acted belter’
Daily Mirror.