Unforgotten Season 4

The discovery of a dismembered body in a scrap metal yard, believed to have been stored in a domestic freezer for decades…

A unique tattoo on the corpse leads to the discovery of a 1990 crime involving four people now spread around the country. Ram Sidhu and his wife Anna live in London, with Liz Baildon and her fiancée Janet in Cambridge, Fiona Grayson and her partner Geoff in the Peak District, and Dean Barton and his wife Marnie living in Rochester.

The investigation threatens to shatter their reputations, family relationships and lives.


Key cast

  • Nicola Walker
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar
  • Susan Lynch
  • Liz White
  • Phaldut Sharma
  • Andy Nyman
  • Sheila Hancock
  • Alastair Mackenzie
  • Alastair Mackenzie
  • Jordan Long
  • Georgia Mackenzie
  • Ronny Jhutti
  • Indira Joshi
  • Daniel Flynn
  • Colin R. Campbell

Written and created by Chris Lang

Produced by Guy de Glanville

Directed by Andy Wilson

Executive produced by Chris Lang, Laura Mackie, Sally Haynes

Praise for Unforgotten Season 4

‘In its hinterlands, its human understandings, it is as blisteringly good television as you’re likely to get.’
The Observer

‘An icy delight. One of the best and most elegant (cop drams) with its subtle script, understated acting, and, of course, Nicola Walker.’
Sunday Times, Camilla Long

‘The best crime show on TV.’
Daily Telegraph

‘The sweetest professional relationship ever to grace TV.’
The Guardian

‘As ever with this enthralling series, you’re sure to be left counting the hours until the next instalment.’
The Sun

‘Unforgotten packs more tasty goodness into a small space than any of its rivals’
Daily Mail

‘Writer Chris Lang is a master of these brilliant drama-Jenga puzzles’
Radio Times

‘It’s one of the classiest cop shows on the box.
Daily Mirror

‘Unforgotten is easily five-star. It’s one of the classiest cop shows on the box’
Sunday Express

‘Expertly crafted police drama that has given the cold-case format a new lease of life.’
Mail on Sunday

‘Its slow-build storylines and top-notch performances marking it out as one of the best crime dramas.’