“Unforgotten” commissioned by ITV

In spring 2015, Chris will begin filming Unforgotten a six episode thriller that tells the story of a 39 year old cold investigation into the murder of a boy, who was killed in 1976. The modern day investigation is run by DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan, who must re-examine the evidence and investigate the key suspects: Robert Grieves, Frank Philip Cross, Lizzie Wilton and Eric Slater. The series utilises a multi-stranded narrative, set in different parts of the country, which explores and connects each of the principle characters.

Filming begins in March 2015. The series, produced by Mainstreet Pictures commissioned by ITV director of drama Steve November and controller of drama Victoria Fea. It will be distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide.

Unforgotten will look at how an historic police investigation affects the lives of all those touched by it,” said Steve. “Chris Lang’s scripts are wonderfully compelling as the mystery deepens and the police hunt for the killer intensifies.”

“We’re delighted to receive our first commission from ITV”, Laura Mackie, Managing Director of Mainstreet Pictures commented,  “Unforgotten explores the idea of how well do you really know a person even though you’ve lived a lifetime with them.  Sometimes they turn out to be someone completely different, all with their own secrets and lies. Chris’s scripts are rich, multi-layered, intriguing and emotional.”
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