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Raves for “Canoe” – one of the top 10 dramas of the last 3 years

The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe has  attracted rave reviews & has already become one of the top ten rated dramas of the last three years, with a whopping 9m viewers so far.

Praise for The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

‘Chris Lang’s delicious rendition of this true life caper….Eddie Marsan and Monica Dolan were both superb, the script was clever, always with one eye on the ludicrousness of the situation.’
The Times

‘A delight….engrossing, thought-provoking and with a wicked dose of black humour. Chris Lang’s hilariously deadpan script….the marvellous Eddie Marsan is superb…un-missable drama.’
The Mail

‘Dolan and Marsan are both superb….laugh out loud.’
The Observer

‘Monica Dolan gave an acting masterclass… seriously compelling viewing. A very British crime story, superbly told.’
The Daily Telegraph

‘Chris Lang’s finely pitched retelling of the story. Performance of the week.’
The Daily Mirror

‘(Lang’s)… droll and disobliging reimagining of the couple will remain unforgettable.’
The Guardian

‘A treat, Eddie Marsan is on tremendous form…strikes just the right tragic-comic note.’
Daily Express

‘A brilliantly entertaining drama, full of comic moments in a fleet footed script.’
Mail on Sunday

‘ITV has really pulled off a winner, quirky, off beat, hard hitting and truly memorable…brilliant.’
Radio Times

‘A thoroughly captivating watch…stellar performances…a stroke of genius.’

‘The most glorious series of the year so far. I could not stop watching. It was delicious. It was comic yet tragic. It made you laugh, made you cry. It was unavoidably gripping.’
Mail Online

‘Dolan was magnificent.’
The i

‘A brilliantly acted dramatisation…Marson and Dolan are excellent.’
The People

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‘Unforgotten’ and ‘Innocent’ in ‘Best of 2021 Roundups’.

New seasons of both Unforgotten and Innocent feature in the lists of roudups of the best forthcoming TV shows of  2021

“Innocent” Season Two – ITV

The Times

Returning favourites

The detective duo Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar return to crack the case of a dead Millwall supporter.
ITV; early spring (see full list)

The Guardian

TV still has crime on its mind, kicking off the year with a three-part, true-crime series, The Pembrokeshire Murders. Later there’s another outing to The Bay, plus Nicola Walker and her weary despair in a fourth series of cold-case drama, Unforgotten. Anna Friel is still losing it in a third series of the ludicrously plotted, yet oddly compulsive, Marcella, now with added Belfast. (see full list)

Radio Times:

Most anticipated TV dramas coming in 2021

Early 2021 on ITV Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar will reprise their respective roles as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan in Unforgotten season four, after filming resumed in September 2020 following delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown. (see full list)

Dead Good

Unforgotten series 4

Cold case crime drama Unforgotten is back for a fourth series in 2021, with both leads Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar eager to get back into character as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan and help create another unmissable six-part series.

Chris Lang is back on writing duties too and is made up to get another run of the popular show. ‘I am so delighted to have been asked to make a fourth series of Unforgotten,’ he said. ‘The reaction to series three was better than I could ever have expected and I can’t wait to discover what lies ahead for Cassie and Sunny and to create a whole new cast of characters for them to grapple with.’ (see full list)


The Telegraph

There will also be plenty of returning favourites – including the likes of Line of Duty, The Crown, Succession, Sex Education, Unforgotten and The Handmaid’s Tale – but here we’ve concentrated on new arrivals to anticipate. Prime your remote controls and cross your fingers… (see full list)

Den of Geek


ITV’s Innocent was a four-part series about a miscarriage of justice that aired in May 2018. Its conclusion certainly didn’t call for a continuation so news of a second series renewal was a bit of a head-scratcher until it was revealed that creator Chris Lang (Unforgotten) was writing a whole new case and a whole new set of characters for the second run, now due to arrive this year.


Cassie and Sunny (played by Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar) return for a fourth series of ITV’s excellent cold case crime drama Unforgotten. What makes Chris Lang’s detective series stand out is its empathy—for its characters, for the victims, and often, for the killers themselves. The new series will take another decades-old case as its starting point, and no doubt tell another engrossing, affecting story led by excellent performances from a cast including Susan Lynch and Sheila Hancock.

(see full list)


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