Press for Unforgotten Season 3 Finale

I don’t think anyone saw that coming…the revelation was played brilliantly….there is nothing showy about Alex Jennings work in this episode but it is still a stunning turn. The charming psychopath with ice in his veins is nothing but compelling. We won’t forget Doctor Death in a hurry.
The Guardian

Alex Jennings as Dr Tim Finch in Unforgotten Season 3 © iTV

Simply unforgettable…the brilliant script and stunning cast line up kept fans on the edge of their seats for the last five weeks….this never to be forgotten drama.
Daily Mirror

Alex Jennings was outstanding….bleak and brilliant…credit goes to Chris Lang for avoiding cliché and providing depth.
The Times

A downbeat and quietly brilliant final episode….deeply satisfying and entirely believable. Sunday Telegraph
Chris Lang’s exemplary cold case drama
The Times (Saturday Review)

An intelligent and twisty ride….this thrilling episode does not disappoint
The Sun

A gasp inducing finale that won’t be forgotten…supremely gripping.
The Daily Telegraph

Like a game of Cluedo scripted by Ingmar Bergman….the summer’s most essential small screen drama….a masterclass in dodging cliches’
The Independent


***** Mail on Sunday
***** The Times
***** Daily Star