Praise for Unforgotten Season 3

‘This subtly woven, quietly emotional, beautifully crafted opener….the most compelling drama of 2018?’
The Daily Telegraph.

‘How good is Unforgotten ….one of our most human and humane cop shows’.
The Observer

‘So uncommonly good….Bronagh Waugh gave a searingly good performance’
Daily Express

‘The dialogue is sparing yet potent, every line earning its keep….compelling TV with no fat on the bone’.
The Times

‘Unforgotten has become the most watchable cop drama on TV….terrifically smart, very moving…no other drama series wears its humanity in such a subtle fashion’. Saturday Telegraph Review

‘The combination of creator Chris Lang’s writing and the beautifully low key performance by Walker and Bhaskar makes this an unalloyed joy to watch.’
The Mail on Sunday

‘..a cut above any other ITV crime drama…the success of Chris Lang’s series is down simply to the superior writing and convincing performances.’
The Times

‘As intelligently plotted and sensitively performed as ever.’
The Sunday Telegraph,

‘Chris Lang has struck gold again’.
The Saturday Mail

‘Unforgotten is once again superb….it’s beautifully crafted and performed, tight, gripping, but also moving and so very human..there is no better drama on television…’
The Guardian

‘A quality piece of TV in every sense…it’s riveting from the outset’
The Sunday Express

‘You must watch the new series of this compelling drama….it’s a brilliantly acted slow burn as the case unfolds over six gripping episodes’
The People

‘Unforgotten is the quiet star of the television crime genre’
Drama Quarterly

The Daily Telegraph *****
The Guardian *****
The Daily Mail *****
The Times ****
Mail On Sunday*****
Daily Express ****
Daily Star ****