NZ Herald: “Innocent” a gripping British drama

From NZ Herald – see full review here

Innocent I was there from the first frame and it was a rather mild one with David Collier (Lee Ingleby) arriving home with his big brother Phil after being jailed for seven years for allegedly killing his wife, Tara. A brooding, seething blackness surrounds Collier like a permanent jet-trail, his performance is searing as a wronged man but we’ll see … next week. He had always screamed he had nothing to do with his wife’s murder, but the only person believing him is gentle brother Phil (Daniel Ryan).

He is staying in Phil’s small seaside cottage and the hate still rages against him by Tara’s family, particularly her thin-lipped, childless sister Alice (Hermione Norris).

She and husband Rob (Adrian Rowlins) became guardians to David’s kids after the murder and are living a more comfortable lifestyle than they did before Tara’s death by raising the two children with David’s estate money.

As local police delve back into the case trying to prove that David’s release and acquittal after seven years may not be properly proven, the plot thickens with malice with ladles of toxins and twisted lies.

I was gripped.