French romantic comedy series for Netflix

Rolling off “Marseille,” Netflix is launching its next French-language original series, an as-yet-untitled half-hour romantic dramedy set in modern-day Pari  based on an original idea by British writer Chris Lang, to be be directed by Noemie Saglio (“Connasse, princesse des coeurs”). Francois Florentiny’s Paris-based banner UnRATED is producing, with Anne Thomopoulos (“Versailles”), Florentiny and Lang exec producing. The show will start shooting on location across Paris early next year. It will mark Netflix’s second French-language series to go into production after “Marseille” which is now in its second season.

Penned by Lang, along with Teisseire and Saglio, the eight-episode series follows a group of friends who embark on a misguided attempt to help their perpetually single girlfriend Elsa regain faith in dating and find love. But things take an unexpected turn when they set Elsa up with a seemingly perfect bachelor who happens to be a male escort.

“I’m very happy to present my vision of French humour on such an innovative platform. Netflix gives creative freedom to writers and directors to express themselves from beginning to end – with this show in particular, the freedom to showcase people in their 30s as realistic and sweet as they are funny,” Saglio said. “As I am also in my 30s, this is an occasion for me to speak about all the ways to be a woman in today’s world.”

The director said she had the ambition to make a coming-off-age series that’s not just about finding love but also about the challenges and doubts that people in their 30’s come across they start their careers and become truly financially independent much later than they did decades ago.

“In the series, these young women will also ask themselves a lot of questions about their professional lives — how they envision their career and how much they’re willing to sacrifice, whether they want a job whose primary goal is to pay the bills or rather a job that plays a big role in their lives,” explained Saglio.

Florentiny and Thomopoulos said Saglio was the “perfect director to helm this playful, poignant exploration of friendship and love in modern Paris.”

Florentiny said Netflix was a full-on partner on this show and was involved on all artistic and production matters. “Our aim is to create a unique series that will have the talents, edginess and high production values in line with other Netflix’s original series.”

Filming will take place in Paris’s underground, vibrant neighborhoods that are seldom seen in films or TV series shot in the French capital.

Erik Barmack, VP of international originals at Netflix, described the series as “a fun and modern romantic story that will bring viewers into the energy of today’s Paris.”

UnRATED was launched less than a year ago by Florentiny, the former boss of ITV Studios France. The company recently tapped Alexandre Bouchard as COO.

While they are now focusing on the production of this series with Netflix, Florentiny and Thomopoulos are currently developing a flurry of projects (crime thrillers, dramas, historical series and a feature film.

The series will be available exclusively to Netflix members around the world in 2018.